Military Security Clearances

Military Security Clearances:

Military security clearances account for roughly four of every five security clearance cases. Baybridge Law Firm, P.L.L.C.,  is highly experienced at representing both individuals who are applying for a military security clearance for the first time and those who are attempting to retain their military security clearances.

Revocation of a Military Security Clearance

Since information about initial applications for a security clearance are covered elsewhere in this website, the focus here will be on keeping a military security clearance. Having such a security clearance is one of the most valuable aspects of one’s military service. It is issued based on a thorough investigation of the applicant’s fitness for a security clearance, and the possibility of the clearance being revoked—or of a higher-level security clearance being denied—is a matter of major importance. An individual’s military career and post-military future will be affected.

Reasons for Denial May Seem Minor

There are many reasons that an adjudicator might use as the basis for a denial or revocation of a military security clearance. The disqualifying reasons may seem relatively minor. Some of the most common reasons for denial/revocation involve an applicant’s:

  • Alcohol and/or illegal drug use—even if not proven
  • Financial problems—which may have occurred many years ago or a current foreclosure
  • Ties to family and/or friends in countries that may pose a security risk
  • Misuse of a government computer—for example, for viewing YouTube or pornography, or using a social website such as Facebook while on the job

Legal Representation Is of Paramount Importance

If an individual is notified that his or her military security clearance is revoked, it’s crucial to obtain knowledgeable, experienced legal representation. Baybridge Law Firm, P.L.L.C., has been helping security clearance applicants obtain or maintain their clearance for years. Contact to schedule a private discussion of your military security clearance matter with us.  Bring the written notification of your military security clearance denial or revocation, plus all other relevant information that you have for a thorough evaluation of your case.

An Appeal May Be the Next Step

An appeal of your security clearance denial/revocation may be the next step. The procedure for an appeal depends in part on which branch of the military is involved. Every individual’s case has its own unique circumstances, but the relevant laws provide a consistent structure that can be dealt with by an attorney with years of experience in this area. To discuss the unique circumstances of your case, Contact a military security clearance lawyer at  Baybridge Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today.

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