About Us

Baybridge LogoBaybridge Law Firm, P.L.L.C. was created by a former government attorney and litigator who is very familiar with prosecuting criminal and civil fraud cases. Additionally,  I served our country on active duty and reserves as a military aviator. I decided that I would attack the foreclosures in a military fashion.  Attack the foreclosure proceedings against the Bank using our weapons, at our disposal, including using either the State Court and Federal Court or both.   Defending a foreclosure action in a court of equity requires unique background and experience of a lawyer that perfected an understanding and knowledge of real estate, property, contracts, securities, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), secured transactions, and bankruptcy knowledge.

We treat each client as if they are an actual victim of a fraudulent criminal and civil violation that was conducted by the banking institution. When we are not defending homeowners, we are consumer advocates using multiple consumer enacted State and Federal laws to pursue justice against including corrupt corporations, banking institutions, credit reporting agencies, collection agencies and other wrongdoers for their fraudulent behaviors and damages they have caused our clients or society.  We continue to endeavor in limited and select criminal cases that take place within the federal jurisdiction or white collar crimes. However, if you are a banker or mortgage broker, charged with any criminal activities…..don’t bother to contact us. Lastly, the need to protect national security clearances for our service members and government contractors while in their financial mess has become a recent new priority at our law office.

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